Mentorship Program

Join our six-month individualised mentorship program to help you in the areas you need most

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Want to upgrade Your Coaching?

We mentor coaches one-to-one to give them guidance, structure and accountability in their professional development. Our goal isn't necessarily to give you MORE information (download our reading list below for that), rather to help you organise, and systemize the knowledge and tools you already have. So that you can accelerate your progression, shorten the learning curve and make a meaningful impact with your clients.

Our mentorship is a six-month program with intakes periodically throughout the year, scroll down and click the button to join the mentorship waiting list where you'll be notified when applications open.

better serve your clients

Through the mentorship program you will:

  • Understand the 'why' behind the training and nutrition guidance you prescribe and the approach you take so you can have confidence in your service offering
  • Be able to objectively look at different systems of coaching so you can see the underlying principles that make them successful and implement these within your coaching practice
  • Join our innercircle - a community of like-minded, professional coaches who are collaborating and growing together daily
  • Take control of your career, together we will map out your progression and implement specific strategies to get you where you want to be
  • Learn how to connect with, and relate to, your clients on a deeper level to build buy-in and trust to drive greater retention and referrals
  • And much more...
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Want to learn more?

Our mentorship program places are granted on an application basis only. We want to be 100% certain that we can help you in your coaching practice AND that you are able to commit to the process

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