BJJ Performance Program

Reduce injury, get stronger, faster, more powerful AND perform better on the mats

want to dominate on the mats?

Our BJJ Performance Program has been carefully structured to bridge the gap between generic training templates and one-on-one performance coaching.

What's included?

  • auto-regulated strength training specific to the demands of BJJ that will carry over directly to performance on the mats

  • access to our app to log your training, track progress, communicate with your coach so you can get the guidance and support you need

  • energy systems training to prevent you from gassing out on the mat and boost your recovery between rounds

  • movement work to increase your performance, reduce injury and accelerate your recovery between training sessions

wait, there's more...

  • access to bi-weekly office hours sessions to ask questions on training, nutrition, recovery and more
  • monthly inner circle webinars with our head coach on topics YOU decide
  • PLUS we include our BJJ Performance Manual which contains guidance on tracking recovery, specific recovery protocols, making weight, peaking and tapering for competition and more

Whether you're training for your first competition or for multiple IBJJF events through the season, our BJJ Performance Program is structured to develop the physical traits and strength qualities specific to your sport. Our goal is to create robust, resilient players who are able to complement their technical abilities with a high degree of physical strength and capacity.

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