Mentorship for coaches and trainers who want to improve service delivery, overcome overwhelm and grow their business without the frustration of going it alone
  • Are you lacking a clear path for the next 3/5/10 years?
  • Does imposter syndrome prevent you from taking action?
  • Do you lack confidence in your programming and coaching?
  • Is your service delivery lacking and you worry about losing clients?
  • Do you need help systemising and implementing what you know?
  • Do you lack a support network of like-minded coaches?
Our invidualised mentorship program is bespoke to you. We offer three-levels of mentorship depending on your needs
  • Exclusive access to our mentorship Slack community of like-minded coaches sharing best practice
  • 60-minute private video calls with your mentor every other week to dig into areas you want to develop
  • ​Weekly case-study & education calls held live over Zoom (and the video archive of previous calls)
  • Individualised education pathway based on your needs to eliminate the guesswork from what courses to do
  • Specific case studies to dig deeper into areas you want to develop, get feedback on your programming and more
  • ​Communication strategies to connect with your clients on a deeper level, identify your biases, strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools, systems and resources to help your coaching practice grow
  • ​Time management strategies to help you work more efficiently, handle a higher client load without compromising quality
  • ​Inclusive access to mentorship meet-up days across the UK & Europe (coming 2020)
  • ​And much, much more...
Founder & Head Mentor

Let's be honest. Professional development as a coach is hard.

And I know this because I've been where you are now. Frustrated, overwhelmed and struggling to get clarity on 'what next'.

I've coached 100's of athletes, owned a gym, coached clients worldwide through my own remote coaching company (and still do), worked as a Head Coach for OPEX Fitness for 3 years alongside delivered seminars in 9+ different countries in addition to spending the past decade learning from some of the smartest people in the realm of fitness and human performance.

This mentorship program was born out of frustration with the standard of education in the industry. Online, video-based courses, or weekend-based certifications have become the norm and they just don't deliver.

What about YOU? What about what YOU need for YOUR clients and YOUR business?

I believe strongly that professional development needs to be individualised and bespoke to your needs, as we're all at a different stage in our journey.
A simple, no-nonsense chat to find out more about where you are and how our mentorship services can help you
You'll get crystal clear purpose and direction in all areas from education, service delivery, marketing, communication and more
We’ll work closely together on all aspects of your coaching, business and development to ensure you're set up for future success
As a professional coach you understand the necessity for an organised, systemised approach to improving your client’s fitness and performance, but what about your own education and career? When it comes to your own development are you throwing s**t at the wall and hoping to see what sticks?

Although it may ‘feel’ like you’re doing lots, you’re on a hamster wheel. Moving around a lot but making no real progress. If you continue on this path, your competitors will continue to grow and improve, you’ll lose out and struggle to command a higher price for your services.

Reflect back on your career development over the past 12 months, are you on-track to where you want to be, or spinning your wheels? What needs to change? Where do you want to be in 1/3/5+ years?

What most coaches do when they feel a lack of process is they get hit with that familiar ‘pang’ of imposter syndrome, is to seek out ANOTHER book to read, ANOTHER course to take but the reality is - knowledge is RARELY the limiting factor for a coach…implementation is.

And I know this because I've been there too.

I've owned a gym, coached clients worldwide through my own remote coaching company (and still do), worked as a Head Coach for OPEX Fitness for 3 years and delivered seminars in 9+ different countries as well as spending the past decade learning from some of the smartest people in the realm of fitness and human performance.

When it comes to implementation, the single most important factor is having a principle-based framework that your coaching decisions can be guided by, a framework for you to operate within.


What most courses teach is their 'system' - their way of doing things. What courses don't teach is HOW to think, how to ask better questions and how to get to the root principle of the why things work.

I've developed this mentorship program for a number of reasons, it seems there is a theme for education to be 'scaleable' so gurus can sell out online courses and live the laptop lifestyle on a beach somewhere. Education and professional development need to be individualised, in the EXACT same way cookie-cutter training templates are a fast-track to mediocrity the same is true of one-size-fits-all education solutions.

Borne out of frustration with generic 'mentorships' that are essentially nothing more than a video library. Simply watching videos online is NOT professional development!

Support, challenge, accountability and structure are all necessary ingredients for growth as a coach. Which is why I developed this mentorship program, to provide something that I wish I'd access to during the early years of my career.

Without mentorship, you're left to develop solely by trial and error. While effective in the long-term, it's also super inefficient, I see many coaches repeating the same mistakes time and time again.

I will help you organise, and systemise the knowledge and tools you already have. So that you can accelerate your progression, shorten the learning curve and make a meaningful impact with your clients, improving results, retention, referrals and your coaching practice.

Depending on where you are now as a coach, we offer three levels of mentorship, ranging from access to our group weekly calls, case studies and meetups to 1:1 private mentorship where we work together intensely over a six-month period on all areas of professional, personal and business development. Click the button below to schedule a call to discuss if the mentorship is right for you
In this free guide you will discover how to:
  • Increase your hourly rate by leveraging your time without compromising on service quality
  • Identify and execute on priorities without overwhelm or anxiety
  • ​The steps you need to take to become a better coach, get more clients, systemise your coaching and grow your business
  • ​And much more...

Erwin Regidor - Coach

"I was able to clarify lots of ideas in all aspects of coaching, I was able to look at where I am now and what I'm doing an build upon aspects that I want to improve as a coach.

Matt mentored and at the same time challenged me to think about goal setting, business, and program design outside of what my current thoughts were."

Glen Oliver - Coach & Gym Owner

"Before working with Matt, I was struggling to reconcile and improve upon the knowledge I had as a coach, I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I’d taken various courses and tried self-study etc.

What I like about the program is that you are taught to find the answers for yourself, rather than being spoon-fed them. It promotes thinking in a clear way. It has opened my mind so much to coaching outside how I was taught in a block/linear fashion"

Jonny Landels - Coach

"Before the mentorship I was constantly distracted by all the educational resources out there for coaches and the 1000 ways to grow your business. I was confused, unsure where to turn and it left me inactive. I’ve tried working with another business-specific mentor and have done various courses.

Working with Matt has been great because you get clear direction with what resources would be best for your current place. You get directed to the one thing that’s going to drive you forward at that time. It’s led to more productivity, happier clients and more confidence in business."

Anze Benko - Coach & Gym Owner

"Before the mentorship I was struggling with time management, lacking a system for handling the client load that will allow me to have free time for education and family. I was feeling like I was doing something wrong and others out there had the ‘secret sauce’.

I had tried to write programs in bulk, creating programs for similar avatars at the same time but it didn’t work well for me. Now I’ve got more free time, in a day to work ON the business and not IN the business all the time. I like being able to bounce ideas, discuss challenges, solve the struggles and have guidance in the systems I need to implement and maintain"
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