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  • Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, working hard but not seeing the impact and income you want?
  • Are you wondering where your next client will come from with no system in place to make it happen?
  • Do you lack confidence in your service delivery and struggle to generate consistent referrals?
  • Are you missing the systems you need to grow your business and worried you might have to pursue another career?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to grow as a coach and develop your business?
  • Struggling to implement what you're learning with your clients in a methodical and systemised way?




Let's be honest. Growing a sustainable fitness business can be tough.

There's so much misinformation out there from gurus, failed coaches, 'funnel-hackers' and marketers who offer a quick-fix BS solution that they learned from another marketer...

The reality is this.

You need to know what works for YOU, based on YOUR values, YOUR demographic and what YOU want from your business.

I focus on helping you provide an outstanding service, backed up with battle-tested, proven systems and a crystal clear strategic plan to help you grow for years to come.

If you are serious about developing as a professional coach and growing your business, you need a proven blueprint to follow.

And I know this because I've been where you are now. Frustrated, overwhelmed and struggling to get clarity on 'what next'.

Over the past 8 years of working online, I've built two oversubscribed coaching businesses, mentored dozens of coaches and travelled the world delivering seminars in 9+ countries.

I've wasted £1000's on business gurus whose only solution to growing a business was 'mindset' or 'one-magic-funnel' or 'just charge £4k for a 12-week program'.

All utter bollocks.

I know what works when it comes to growing a sustainable online business. And, more importantly, what doesn't work.

If you're serious about upgrading your coaching and growing your business, so you can have more impact with your clients, grow your income and more free time to enjoy it, I'd invite you to take our free 3-minute assessment where you'll get instant, personalised feedback on the steps to take to grow your business



"I've got more free time in a day to work ON the business and not just IN the business"

Before the program I was struggling with time management, lacking a system for handling the client load that will allow me to have free time for education and family. I was feeling like I was doing something wrong and others out there had the ‘secret sauce’.

I had tried to write programs in bulk, creating programs for similar avatars at the same time but it didn’t work well for me. Now I’ve got more free time, in a day to work ON the business and not IN the business all the time. I like being able to bounce ideas, discuss challenges, solve the struggles and have guidance in the systems I need to implement and maintain

Anze Benko // Owner & Head Coach, OPEX Toronto

"This process has changed the trajectory of my career..."

Before working with Matt, I felt a chronic need to consume as much information as possible to "prove my worth" to clients. This ultimately led to intense feelings of imposter syndrome and disguised motion as progress. The biggest challenge I faced was taking that knowledge and applying it where necessary with my clients

I'd tried hiring a professional fitness coach

When COVID-19 hit I knew I needed to surround myself with resources and support systems that would help me get through this time unscathed.

Matt helped provide all of that and more. He has done an excellent job of creating a forum in which anyone can participate without fear of looking foolish. Over the past 6-7 months, I have arguably become a better partner, friend and family member outside of just improving my service delivery.

100% do it. Do it if you suffer from imposter syndrome. Do it if you think all you need is "one more certification". Do it if you struggle to make decisions that could impact your clients but aren't sure how to execute the idea.

Dan Jackson // Owner & Head Coach, River City Strength

"It has opened my mind so much to coaching outside how I was taught"

Before working with Matt, I was struggling to reconcile and improve upon the knowledge I had as a coach, I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I’d taken various courses and tried self-study etc.

What I like about the program is that you are taught to find the answers for yourself, rather than being spoon-fed them. It promotes thinking in a clear way. It has opened my mind so much to coaching outside how I was taught in a block/linear fashion"

Glen Oliver // Co-Owner & Head Coach, OPEX Gatwick

"It's led to more productivity, happier clients and more confidence in my business"

Before working with Matt, I was constantly distracted by all the educational resources out there for coaches and the 1000 ways to grow your business. I was confused, unsure where to turn and it left me inactive. I’ve tried working with another business-specific mentor and have done various courses.

Working with Matt has been great because you get a clear direction with what resources would be best for your current place. You get directed to the one thing that’s going to drive you forward at that time. It’s led to more productivity, happier clients and more confidence in business.

Jonny Landels // Owner, Next Step Nutrition

"I was able to clarify ideas, and learn new information in all areas of coaching and business"

I found it really useful to be able to look at where I am now and what I'm doing an build upon aspects that I want to improve as a coach.

Matt mentored, and at the same time, challenged me to think about goal setting, business, and program design outside of what my current thoughts were.

Erwin Regidor // Owner & Head Coach, ALFA Coaching

"I now have the tools I can can implement and use to thrive for years to come"

Before working with Matt I was struggling with a lack of energy, lack of planning and understanding my business, lack of skills to work in a team environment and to develop the coaches on my team.

Matt helped me to navigate and understand myself and my business. I have tools I can implement and work systematically towards my goals. I liked that it was tailored toward my needs, weaknesses and strengths. And talking to Matt about my own challenges and fears felt very easy, like talking to a buddy over a beer.

I would definitely recommend working with Integrated Performance if you are serious about reaching your goals, learning new things and are open to be challenged.

Michal Bohumel // Owner & Head Coach, EXPO Training

"I have more confidence and understanding in the future of my coaching and business"

Before mentorship I had a lack of direction and no systems to support my coaching. I’d tried other courses, and trial and error which was leading to confusion and a lack of progress.

I now have a framework in place to build upon for the future. I have more confidence and understanding in the future of my coaching and business and it’s given me structure and direction.

I would absolutely recommend working with Matt, the individualised approach is invaluable and directly helpful to you regardless of where in your progression as a coach you are.

Kieran Moore // Owner & Head Coach, APEX Delta Coaching

"They do such a good job really setting you up for success in your coaching practice"

Before working with Integrated Performance I was struggling with organisation from a personal and coaching/design standpoint.

I now have a better idea and systems in place to implement the tools I have with clients and backend systems too.

While I'm still working to execute everything, the more and more things I get put in place that I've learned from Integrated Performance, the more a weight feels lifted from my shoulders and the better service I feel I'm providing for my clients.

I would absolutely recommend working with Integrated Performance, they do such a good job of setting you up for success in your coaching practice whether you need systems and backend business help, or systems and implementation of what you know for your clients. There are lots of personal touches to help you no matter where you're at.

Mike Rucker //

"I have someone in my corner who cares about my growth and success"

Before working with Matt I had no idea what direction to go. I had classically avoided building back-end systems when I was co-owner of a gym. 

I was going it alone but had tried various fit pro marketing programs that always fizzled out as they were just about getting 'more leads'.

Matt acts as a coach, not a boss. Tasks are immediately implementable and help you become more organised and move in the right direction.

You get a handle on the whole process, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

I'd highly recommend Integrated Performance if you truly want to make coaching your professional, not your hobby.

Lucas Robinson // Owner & Head Coach, LRS Strength



The Integrated Performance Foundations Program™ is a 90-day business accelerator & implementation program where we walk you through our proven 3S Method™ to systematically upgrade your coaching and grow your business

Deliver Outstanding Service

We'll help you upgrade and refine your current delivery model, getting feedback from clients and driving better results, longer retention and more referrals.

Install Proven Systems

We'll equip you with the systems you need to build a sustainable fitness business that brings a GREAT client experience without you working evenings & weekends.

Develop Clear Strategy

We'll help you map out planning and strategy for the next 12 months of growth and beyond. Having a gameplan to execute on that brings you more impact, revenue and freedom.

Detailed Modules

You'll get access to 9 core modules of actionable content, dripped to you ONE week at a time alongside worksheets and tools to help you implement it as you learn.

Unlimited Support

You'll join our private, supportive community forum alongside a group of driven like-minded professional coaches. Support is available anytime you ask questions here.

Implementation Calls

Every week, we'll meet together as a group for 90minutes to help you implement what you're learning. You'l also get access to recordings if you can't make it.

Accountability System

When you join the Foundations Program we commit to holding you accountable and helping you get the work done! We'll hold you accountable every single week.

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to all the modules, tools and resources for life. Even after the 90 days of coaching, accountability & support, you'll you'll get access to future add-ons, bonuses and updates too.





  • You're looking for a quick fix without doing the work
  • You're brand new to coaching and have no experience in getting your clients results
  • Coaching is a 'side-gig' for you and not your full-time profession
  • You're just in this for the money and don't care about the results your clients get


  • You are a caring & professional coach committed to delivering the best possible service to your clients
  • You are already coaching clients and getting them results
  • You want to grow a fulfilling and sustainable coaching business for years to come
  • You are coachable, driven and ready to implement what you learn
  • You want to follow a proven process to upgrade your coaching and grow your business from someone who has done it (and helped dozens of others to do it too)


Productivity & Workflow Blueprint

We'll teach you how to beat overwhelm & procrastination, leverage your time to get more done by building a time management system that works for you

Marketing & Messaging Mastery

How to identify, and connect with, your ideal client and communicate with them in a deep, powerful way that establishes you as an authority in their world.

Pricing, Packaging & Offer Creation

We'll help you unpack your expertise into a clear, attractive offer that solves your clients most pressing problems and has them lining up to work with you.

Ideal Client Attraction & Conversion

Not every client is the right client, we'll help you stand out above the crowd, filter out the noise and attract a steady stream of your ideal clients

The Intake & Onboarding Upgrade

Create momentum and impact with new clients from day one with an onboarding system that saves you time, sets them up for success and blows them away!

Client Communication Toolkit

Discover how to effortlessly manage client communication, so you can establish deeper relationships and boost fulfilment & retention levels

The Referral & Testimonal Engine

You'll learn our proven system to consistently, and automatically generate testimonials and referrals to grow your business organically

Principle-Driven Frameworks

You'll learn how to beat information overload and more effectively implement your knowledge in a systemised, methodical way. 

Strategic Planning, Metrics & KPIs

Together we'll map out your growth strategy for the next 12 months and beyond, and share our business dashboard and tools to keep you on track



Begin with these simple steps...



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As a professional coach you understand the necessity for an organised, systemised approach to improving your client’s fitness and performance, but what about your own education and career? When it comes to your own development are you throwing s**t at the wall and hoping to see what sticks?

Although it may ‘feel’ like you’re doing lots, you’re on a hamster wheel. Moving around a lot but making no real progress. If you continue on this path, your competitors will continue to grow and improve, you’ll lose out and struggle to command a higher price for your services.

Reflect back on your career development over the past 12 months, are you on-track to where you want to be, or spinning your wheels? What needs to change? Where do you want to be in 1/3/5+ years?

What most coaches do when they feel a lack of progression and get that familiar ‘pang’ of imposter syndrome, is to seek out ANOTHER book to read, ANOTHER course to take but the reality is...

knowledge is RARELY the limiting factor for a coach…implementation is.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that you’ve spent a significant amount of $$$ on courses that haven’t been completed, books that haven’t been read and more.

And I know this because I've been there too.

I've owned a gym, coached clients worldwide through my own remote coaching company (and still do), worked as a Head Coach for OPEX Fitness for 3 years and delivered seminars in 9+ different countries as well as spending the past decade learning from some of the smartest people in the realm of fitness and human performance.

When it comes to upgrading your coaching and growing your business the single most important factor is implementation.

Which is where the Integrated Performance Foundations Program comes in. We use our 3S Method to focus on the most important and high-impact areas:
1. Service
2. Systems
3. Strategy

Our Foundations Program equips you with the tools, support and accountability you need to upgrade your service, systemise your coaching and business and have a long-term strategy for success. So that you can accelerate your progression, have a deeper level of fulfilment, increase your income and have better work/life balance.

If you're a professional coach who's serious about growing your income, fulfilment and having better work/life balance - I’d invite you to take our free 3-minute assessment were you'll get instant, personalised feedback on the steps to grow your online coaching business...



The Integrated Performance Foundations Program™ is a 90-day business accelerator & implementation program where we walk you through our proven method to systematically upgrade your coaching and grow your business

Foundations Essentials


3 Month Program Includes:

  • Live Weekly 90-min Implementation Calls (recorded for you to refer back to)
  • 9 Core Modules of actionable education to upgrade your coaching business
  • Digital worksheets to help cement your learning & implementation
  • All Coaching & Business Frameworks, Tools & Resources
  • Accountability system to guide and support you in implementing what you learn
  • Private Online Discussion Forum
  • Lifetime access to all materials and future updates

Foundations Premium


Most Popular

Includes everything in Foundations Essential plus:

  • Private 60min onboarding call and business diagnostic
  • 3x 1hr private mentorship consults to be scheduled during the 90-day program
  • Access to the Time Management For Coaches Course
  • Unlimited 1:1 voice coaching support through Voxxer throughout the 90 Days