Murat - Coach & Gym Owner

Before working with Matt, I was following online templated programs and competing, but was never really focusing on what I needed as a Masters Athlete.

I was overloading and experiencing some shoulder issues, being a gym owner and trying to be an athlete was making consistency in my training an issue.

Working with Matt has helped me to improve in every area. We focused on fixing up my injuries, getting stronger, training is fun and has focused on my weaknesses and what I needed.

We’ve focused on prehab and rehab work, stress management, sleep, recovery and how much if effects the outcome of my training - my lifestyle has improved massively.

When I first started with Matt it was about improving as an athlete, but in the process I learned more as a coach and he inspired me to learn more and look at things a different way. Education become more of a focus than competing, he made me a better and healthier athlete, a better coach and he became my mentor.

Just take the leap and start working with Matt, whatever your goal is, if you want to compete, want to improve your overall health, or learn as a coach. He is a great person to work with.