Helen - Coach & CrossFit Athlete

Before working with Matt, I had a lack of direction in my training, I wasn't addressing my weaknesses, but avoiding them! I'd been following online generic programs

Since working with Matt I've seen improvements across the board in training and an entire lifestyle shift. Although my results with training were, and to some extent, still are, the main driver to having a coach, the biggest value I have got from being coached by Matt has been the support and information on how to treat the 22hours a day I spend outside the gym.

I've already recommended Matt to numerous people who have taken the plunge and loved it. If training is a priority then you need someone who knows what they're going. Matt's breadth and depth of knowledge is super impressive.

If money is a consideration, I spend less on my monthly coaching with Matt than most people spend on their daily lunches out, or the combination of nights out at the weekend. Spending your money on this is going to have a much bigger reward.