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10 Lessons From 10 Years Of Online Coaching

I'll admit, it feels very strange writing that blog title...

2022 is my tenth year of coaching clients's a little more refined now than the emails + Google Sheets it was back in the day!

Anyway, I wanted to share these lessons learned in the hope at least one will resonate and help you in some small way...

1. You need 3 professional relationships in order to grow as a coach. A mentor who's ahead of you that you can learn from. A peer group of coaches at the same stage of growth as yourself. Less-experienced coaches behind you that you can help.

2. Imposter syndrome is a superpower, used correctly it can drive you to become better, refine your craft and keep you humble. Gone unchecked it will cripple you into inaction, don't let it.

3. 80/20 Production vs Consumption rule. This means you should produce 4-5x what you consume. Less podcasts, less books, less social media. Nobody ever achieved any level of success based solely on what they consumed - you MUST create. Start today. Now.

4. Develop the ability to create deep focus. Getting into 'flow' state (or close to it) must become systemised to predictably sustain a high output and become a high-performance coach.

5. Imperfect action trumps inaction every single time. I see so many coaches in the exact same position as they were 1/3/5 years ago and still complain about it on the regular.

6. Track and measure the metrics that matter, use a balance of data and intuition to guide decision-making. Double down on what works.

7. Develop 1% per day. Everything develops in 1% increments. Progress is hard, it takes time, but it's worth it.

8. Fail fast, fail often. Failure is a necessary part of growth. Don't be scared of failing, develop trust in your own ability to make it work.

9. As soon as you can afford, start to delegate and outsource. Freeing up time and mental space to focus on your highest ROI activities is a bottleneck many never move beyond.

10. Document everything you do. Every program you write. Every consult you have. Every course you take. Keep organised notes. This is a goldmine of lessons learned and will stop you making the same mistakes more than once.

I could keep going...

However these are the ones that flowed out of me as I sat down to write this.

These things have helped me.

I hope they help you.


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