We eliminate the stress and frustration for growth-minded individuals who want to unlock and maximise their potential in all areas of their health, fitness, performance and mindset so they can overcome plateaus and perform at their best were it matters most to them.



  • You are a growth minded high-performer and feel like you're capable of more but need an integrated and holistic plan
  • You are serious about optimising all aspects of your health & performance and want to see quantifiable results from your efforts
  • You value investing in having a trusted advisor and want to see quantifiable results and measured improvements


We take a precision, client-centric approach to helping you achieve the things that matter most to you. From setting records inside the gym to maximising your life outside of it.

“Working with Matt has helped me to improve in every area. We focused on fixing up my injuries, getting stronger, training is fun and has focused on my weaknesses and what I needed. We’ve focused on prehab and rehab work, stress management, sleep, recovery and how much if effects the outcome of my training - my lifestyle has improved massively.

When I first started with Matt it was about improving as an athlete, but in the process I learned more as a coach and he inspired me to learn more and look at things a different way, he made me a better and healthier athlete and a better coach”

Murat // Coach, CF Masters Athlete & Gym Owner, Shanghai

"Before working with Matt, I'd been suffering from lower back compression pains, neck pain and poor hip mobility for the last year. It kept me from doing the things I love, and I lost my motivation to train for the first time in 10+ years.

I'm now able to train regularly in the gym and on the mats 3-4 days per week pain-free. I'd definitely recommend working with Matt, I'm a coach and cannot stress enough how nice it is to be on the receiving end of professional coaching."

Thomas // Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete, Austin TX




Matt has been coaching in some format or another for over 20 years. From training in martial arts from the age of 8 to travelling to live and train at the Shaolin Temple in China at 18.


On his return from China, Matt joined the Ministry of Defence as an Armed Police Officer at 21 and was quickly selected to become a Defensive Tactics Instructor. He later transferred to the Metropolitan Police, where he joined the Specialist Operations Division. Working as part of the Territorial Support Group, he was involved in multiple high-profile and covert operations, including the 2010 Royal Wedding, 2011 London Riots and 2012 London Olympics.


During this time, his interest and passion for fitness continued to grow and he left the Police to become a full-time Performance Coach. He opened a gym, whilst working with more and more clients remotely around the world. During this time he travelled the world delivering seminars in 9+ different countries across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Asia.


Over the past decade of coaching clients online he has worked with hundreds of performance-focused clients across a broad spectrum:

  • CrossFit Competitors through Open/Regionals/Games Levels
  • National Champion Olympic Weightlifters
  • Hollywood Stunt Performers
  • World Champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Players
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Fortune-100 Executives
  • Police & Military Specialist Units (UKSF, US Rangers, Navy Seals, FBI, MARSOC, SWAT)
  • Ultra Endurance Athletes

In addition to working closely with his coaching clients, Matt provides mentorship and consultancy to other coaches & organisations and his coaching frameworks have been published and quoted in academic texts.


"Before working with Matt I lacked a purpose behind my training, my ability to grow and push my limits beyond what I used to think I can, and clarity of vision and values.

I’d experimented with different templated programs and worked with other coaches in the past, but working with Matt made my training enjoyable again. With him it’s about pushing boundaries, putting lots of effort and still having fun doing it.

If you get the opportunity to work with Matt don't miss it! He treats his clients as human first, athletes second. He cares about you as a whole individual, he is dedicated to bringing the best out of each client he works with."

Henry // BJJ Athlete + Physiotherapist, Netherlands

"Since working with Matt I’ve seen improvements across the board in training and an entire lifestyle shift. Although my results with training were, and to some extent, still are, the main driver to having a coach, the biggest value I have got from being coached by Matt has been the support and information on how to treat the 22hours a day I spend outside the gym.

I’ve already recommended Matt to numerous people who have taken the plunge and loved it. If training is a priority then you need someone who knows what they’re going. Matt’s breadth and depth of knowledge are super impressive."

Helen // Coach & CrossFit Athlete, New Zealand



We leverage the latest advances in science and technology used by the UFC, NBA, US Military, Olympians, Pro-athletes and more to ensure you are consistently progressing towards your goals.


We leverage the latest advances in science and technology used by the UFC, NBA, US Military and more to ensure you are consistently progressing towards your goals.


Your highest performance is determined by your deepest recovery. We'll show you how to incorporate breathwork, cold/heat exposure, NSDR, supplementation and more to maximise your results.


High performance must be build on a foundation of health. We'll track objective and subjective measures incorporating labwork and other non-invasive physiological testing


Your environment dictates your performance. Over the past 10 years of coaching clients online, we've created and curated the perfect blend of challenge, support & accountability so you can


Our goal is to create self-efficacy with all of our clients. We believe you don't need a coach for life and will equip you with the skills, habits and understanding to be fit, healthy and high-performing for life


Our goal is to create self-efficacy with all of our clients. We believe you don't need a coach forever and will equip you with the skills, habits and understanding to be fit, healthy and high-performing for life


"When I started online coaching with Integrated Performance, we worked together on all the foundations, explored what worked, what didn’t work and with Matt's help, we’ve gradually rebuilt ‘me’. He made sure the basics were solid, nutrition, hydration, sleep, sufficient absolute strength, making me stay injury-free and step by step closer to my goals.

Without him, I would definitely not be where I am today and I owe him the progress I made and am still making. It’s not just the programming and the workouts. It’s everything around it. Achieving high-performance in sport is no longer about putting a series of exercises together, it’s science... it’s about proper recovery, the right nutrition and hydration, it’s about tracking results and performance indicators for health.

Matt incorporates all that into his coaching.

If you’re on the fence about working with Matt I’d say go for it... no questions asked. Matt is an attentive coach, he listens. He is honest and is not someone who you promises you unrealistic results. He aligns your programme with your goals, keeps track of your results. He checks in with you regularly to make sure you stay on track"

Peter // Coach & Tactical Athlete, Geneva

"Before working with Matt I was suffering with shoulder pain and pain in my groin, I'd tried working around it but couldn't resolve the pain.

Before I couldn't even squat 50% of my back squat without pain, but within a few weeks of working with Matt I was squatting 70% pain-free for the first time in years.

If you get the chance to work with Matt - do it! Matt is a great coach and human. He is well equipped to help you with whatever issue that you may be having. I would 100% recommend working with Integrated Performance to anyone out there looking for a coach"

Frederick // Coach & DPT Student, Tampa FL

"Matt's attention to detail and his ability to create a truly individualised experience is amazing. You can tell he really cares about helping each individual client achieve their goals.

Matt takes the time to get to know you and works with you to design a training, nutrition and lifestyle plan that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals."

Gretchen // Pricing Architect, Austin TX

"I started working with Integrated Performance after experiencing plateaus and frustration in my training. Matt provides me with the perfect balance of support, challenge, guidance and trust - all the things you need in a great coach. Matt gets to understand his clients individually and he listens and creates a training programme built on not just physical ability but personality and mental strength/factors that may impact training.

Although I work remotely with Matt it feels like he’s right there with me, every step of the way, every win, every fail, bad day and good day. He’s trustworthy, knowledgeable and he will take the time to understand you and your needs-you are an individual to him; not one amongst many other athletes."

Zoe // Senior Corporate Lawyer, London UK


Over the past 10 years we've worked with high-performers across 25+ countries worldwide, from police and military special forces operators, Hollywood Stunt Performers, CrossFit Games Athletes, Endurance Athletes, Executives & CEOs, World Champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Players and more...



If you’re feeling like you’ve plateaued in your health, fitness and performance, that you’re putting lots IN but not seeing the results you want and feel like you’re capable of more...

Then it’s time for a different approach.

Like Einstein said, the definition of madness is doing the same things...and expecting a different result.

What most people do when they stop progressing is seek out ANOTHER generic training template, redesign their own training, going back to the same old things - all the while while progress stays stalled. They start to pick up little aches and pains, that shoulder ache gets worse, back pain creeps in and they struggle to recover between training sessions.

Imagine for a moment if all aspects of your training, movement, recovery, nutrition and more were 100% aligned specifically to YOU and YOUR goals? Outsourced to a trusted advisor who will handle it all for you. Sounds good right? Every single rep of every training session, every meal, every rest day, all moving you closer towards your fitness and performance goals

Don’t let yourself back on that frustrating hamster wheel of inconsistent, generic training and seeing little/no progress, make the most of the time you invest in your training and learn along the way.

You’re getting everything you need to ↑ energy, ↑ athleticism, ↑ muscle mass and ↑ productivity while learning new methods and systems you can use with your own clients

An individualised training plan...
Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle guidance…
Mindset training...
Accountability & support...
Personalised feedback…
Your questions are answered...
And ongoing education...

You were meant for more.


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Thomas jumped into online performance coaching with me back in April 2019 after he’d been struggling with some lower back pain and neck issues that were preventing him from being consistent in what he loves - training.⁣ ⁣ As a coach himself, he knew the things he needed to do, BUT lacked the direction and an individual plan to take him from where he was, to where he wanted to be.⁣ ⁣ The first video above is from July 2019 hitting a 3RM 360lb/164kg trap bar deadlift.⁣ ⁣ And in the second video from yesterday, hitting a smooth and pain-free technical max for the day 455lb/206kg conventional deadlift.⁣ ⁣ The key to this progression? His consistency and effort both in, and outside, the gym to execute the plan.⁣ ⁣ Are you a coach/trainer/gym owner who’s struggling when it comes to your own training?⁣ ❌feel overwhelmed and overthink your own training⁣?⁣ ❌have run into plateaus and struggle to see results⁣?⁣ ❌battle against recurring aches and pains⁣?⁣ ❌feel like a fraud as you don’t represent your brand⁣?⁣ ❌prioritise your client's health & fitness above your own⁣?⁣ ⁣ Then 1:1 online performance coaching is for you.⁣ ⁣ If you want to:⁣⁣⁣ ✅ refocus on your own training⁣⁣⁣ ✅ feel confident in your progress and results⁣ ✅ smash through plateaus & get back to seeing consistent progression⁣⁣⁣ ✅ dedicate more time to professional development⁣⁣⁣ ✅ enjoy the process and learn along the way⁣⁣⁣ ✅ build confidence in your brand and service⁣⁣ ⁣ Hit the link in my bio, select ‘Online Performance Coaching’ read the stories of others like Thomas and schedule a call if you’re ready to get started.⁣ ⁣ #integratedperformance

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